Zaniboni Lighting

Design & Production


For us, light is everything;

Centuries of italian art & design imprinted in our DNA, shown through our passion in crafting exquisite custom lighting design.

We pay attention to the particulars so that the illuminating body can transmit emotion with its shape, color and originality in design. To be part of our Zaniboni® Contract Signature collection each LED light not only must be advanced in technology, but must also light up emotion. At that point we believe technology and art have been interwoven to create a superior customized lighting design.


In Zaniboni Lighting the integrated in-house production cycle makes the difference. Every single light, halogen or LED is conceived, engineered and fully developed in house. This includes tooling, molding and manufacturing.

The production process is vertically integrated from the polymer components to the metal reflectors. All the components, circuits and electronics of our LED lights are specified and designed in-house in order to comply with the stringent international marine regulations. When you place an order with Zaniboni, you have the warranty of the correct quality and correct delivery stemming from a close control of the entire manufacturing process.


Every contract customer needs a reliable partner, a dependable source of solutions. A partner with the flexibility to incorporate, if necessary, customer requirements at the manufacturing level and with the structure in place to deliver high-quality products in a timely and efficient manner. Zaniboni Lighting is that partner.

The most demanding production companies in the market have relied upon us for their just-in-time required deliveries. We have undertaken contract projects both large and small, ranging from Caribbean resorts to 5-star mountain retreats, from the Mount Sinai Hospital of New York to the City of Treasure Island in Florida.