Zaniboni Lighting ®


Made in USA

We have selected the best engineers and have provided them with the latest tools and technology in order to provide our customers with our signature lighting.

Our engineers also utilize our successful feedback system, which is made up of internal suggestions, market surveys and most importantly, input from our customers. This allows our engineers to improve our current product range, and to continuously release new innovative fixtures.

CNC Machining

Made in USA

Our cutting-edge computer controlled machinery, including the latest CNC milling machines and CNC turning lathes, converts, through Cad/Cam interface, our engineer’s 3D drawings into the many components our products are made out of.

All the processes are highly integrated making, them paper-free and error-proof.

Welding Station

Made in USA

Our trained and experienced welders work with state-of-the-art equipment and all types of metals, including stainless, aluminum and brass.

The quality and finish of the welding is a hallmark of Zaniboni products.

Powder Coating

Made in USA

We invested in the best powder coating oven available on the market. We are proud to say it is the most eco-friendly system available. No disposables are used; no solvents or chemical pollutants.

Our natural gas oven is the best and the most efficient of its class for its minimal CO2 footprint. It only takes twenty minutes to change from one color to the next, allowing for special and custom color finishes at minimal cost and no increased lead-time.

Electronic Assembly

Made in USA

Our innovative, static-free, and fully equipped Electronic Assembly facility delivers products with a failure rate below 0.02%.

Mechanical Assembly

Made in USA

A lot of pride goes into the assembly of our lighting fixtures. The engineers in the Assembly Department go through extensive training comprising hundreds of pages of instructions and 6 months apprenticeship curriculum.

Our Assembly employees are trained to build fixtures from start to finish with amazing accuracy, attention to detail, and speed.

Housing Assembly

Made in USA

At any given time, we stock hundreds of thousands of housing components allowing to ship most of the orders of rough-ins (enclosures including drivers) in two to five business days.


Made in USA

Our warehouse stores the components that make up our fixtures including all the machined parts we manufacture in-house. Having our parts on-hand allows for swift assembly and delivery unparalleled in this industry.

Located in our warehouse is our Shipping and Receiving departments. By using local companies we are able to receive materials next-day. All of our shipping is done through 3rd parties, keeping us flexible and giving us the ability to ship completed orders right away.

Packaging Station

Made in USA

We package our products individually in order to prevent shipping damage. We also take pride in that our fixtures are packed in eco-friendly boxes.

Technical Laboratory

Made in USA

Our state-of-the-art robotized testing facility includes state-of-the-art equipment such as the latest Oscilloscope for circuit diagnostics and our Photoglobe Goniophotometer for Photometric measurements.

We are able to perform a wide range of tests on all our new products and troubleshoot any other issues our customers may have.