Zaniboni Lighting ®

Mission Statement

Inspiring the world with beautiful lighting.

Our Goals

To light up our beautiful world by providing the most innovative, yet sophisticated fixtures that emit the purest form of light that enhances everything within its sphere.When the function of Light is mastered, it becomes an art — it is a precise art that is key to producing an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Our vision of a brighter world begins with our beautifully designed lighting.

Our Values

We believe that each one of us can make a difference, and that the passion and pride we put into our work everyday brings about an infectious vibe of fun and excitement.

We believe our personal touch makes the difference. We believe we can have fun while also working hard at delivering the finest possible service to our customers. Our pride in having achieved an unparalleled level of customer service is what fuels us to do more.

We believe that by developing and sharing with all our stakeholders a company culture of confidence, respect, and team spirit, it motivates our stakeholders to experience a more meaningful life.